Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ritalin use in Denmark

Check out this graph on the use of Ritalin in Denmark.

It is in Danish but you can see the statistics. It is odd how this is increasing ever since the pharmaceutical industry started implanting itself heavily in Copenhagen and what they now call "Medicon Valley".

Have the students suddenly become bad or is someone getting in there is a marketing strategy. And the big question is - has the education improved?

As they say in french, a suivre...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Terror Doctors

The Terror Doctors; Freedom Magazine publication

This article I just re-read, it deserves its own post. Well written and revealing how the drug trade is sponsoring the Terrorists and how they really have nothing to do with Islam.

So when people make statements like these - I wonder have they done their homework?

Pope tells Muslims he "deeply sorry" for crisis

How did this happen? We're probably going through one of the most religously heated periods of history.

How the muslims are being held responsible for almost all the violence in the world today is reminicent of how the Communists were being treated in the 1960s through to the fall of the Communist empire.

So how does the Pope do a blunder like this?

I found an article that could explain this here.

It is a good read, there are a couple more in there that are interesting too. Such as this one on terror and violence, and where it really comes from.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Invasion of Privacy?

Saw this video on the Youth For Human Rights site (definitely worth a visit), which shows a great new view on The Right to Privacy which I posted on earlier. This is not the usual "consipracy theory" they-are-coming-to-get-us kind of view. Click here to watch it.

Nice new viewpoint, eh?

Kind of easier to relate to how "more surveillance" could go wrong. What if the guys watching you are the same as those snatching the paper from the girl?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Danish Privacy laws issue

I woke up this morning to hear that some 7 people were arrested in Denmark for plotting terrorist acts. Am sure glad they caught them.

But added to that was a comment that maybe the Danish parliament wants to increase surveillance in Denmark so it does not happen again.

There was a neat comment from the former director of the Danish Investigative Police saying something like, we don't need to increase the surveillance as the recently foiled plot was an evidence that the current system is enough. I.e. Don't fix it if it isn't broken!

Then there was a whole radio program on Danish Radio P3 following this about "I don't mind more surveillance, I've got nothing to hide" - well at least that is how it started.

What a narrow minded view, I mean the massive surveillance is fine if everyone was totally honest and totally operating on the greater good. But are they?

Someone should take some of the radio programs they make, edit it a bit and show them what a not-so-honest person could make out of it.

The funniest part is how they repeatedly compared to New York and London as ideals, saying that they have it and nobody minds. But someone didn't check their facts, as in, are their crime statistics better since? Nope.

So really, why fix it if is isn't broken?