Thursday, December 03, 2009

H1N1 Swine flu virus - what about those healed?

What's happening with all the people that had swine flu and don't have it anymore?

TV reports daily about the increase and increase of people infected. It just goes on and on, but what about those not infected any more?

The kid of a friend of mine had it. She is totally OK now, TV didn't mention anything.

Maybe there are only a few thousand that still have the flu, maybe it's all cool and nobody is telling us.

A few days ago the French TV media line was that there were very few people showing up to get their vaccines. They showed schools with only 10% people showing up. They showed other places ready to get their vaccines but nobody attending.

Since then the Minister of Heath seemingly got her self vaccinated on TV (was it really a vaccine), the TV media line has changed to promote the howling success of the vaccine and the two recent deaths were specifically announced as being people that haven't been vaccinated.

Can someone do a count of how many people are cured? I know of 1 at least.