Friday, November 25, 2011

Human Rights and world scourges a French blog about human rights, world scourges and solutions.
With some friends we're working on a new blog/mag in France called It's mainly run by Scientologists but not exclusively, our purpose is just to raise the awareness of the world scourges and show that there are solutions to these.

Human Rights are a problem in far too many countries, even in the west there are huge problems with human right, racial discrimination, religious discrimination and more. Just look at the news, how some journalists are stigmatizing Muslims with terrorism it's wrong. It's part of the disrespect for human right.

Drug addition is a massive problem and it get's watered down and "made nothing of" in books like Steve Jobs' biography which is almost an advertisement for LSD, one of the most mind bending and probably the most permanently damaging drug on the market.

And the list goes on. We thought that instead of just talking about the problems and how it's all bad we would balance it between the problems and the solutions and show that there are solutions.

If you can write French then drop by our site and propose an article, we'd love to have more viewpoints.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway killings is the world unsafe?

I'm still trying to get over the insane and tragic news of this weekend with the Norway killings. How a peaceful country like Norway can be the victim of such a killing spree. I've lived in Copenhagen for a long time and I've always regarded Denmark and Norway as some of the most peaceful countries in the world. 

But this incident is beyond me. My condolences go to all the victims their families and to the people of this country whose minds have been scarred by a psychotic guy (or several). 

Now I see comments on twitter and in the news how the world has become unsafe because of this? And that we're all in danger etc etc. Here are people taking advantage of some psychos to spread chaos to everyone. As long as there are psychos around (and unfortunately it's not tomorrow that they'll all be gone) of course we can be victims of such insanity, but that does not mean the world is unsafe. 

There have been psychos for thousands of years, yes I agree that since those that are meant to fix the problem (psychiatrists) are now just feeding them mind bending drugs then telling the world "there's nothing that can be done about it" and worse letting them loose on the population with statements like "well nobody really knows" or crap like that. BUT that doesn't mean we all need to run around feeling unsafe and terrified of our lives. 

Societies work because everyone in them make them work. If we're all aware of what is happening around us and aren't looking the other way when we see someone being weird we can make our area safe. It's not luck or fate that determines how safe we are. It's us as individuals that create the safety, it's us making sure that our neighbors, co-workers, friends, acquaintances and what not are doing well, helping them in times of need, lending a hand and building an atmosphere of safety that's what makes us safe. 

When some nut who should have been locked up long time ago, does go loose he stands out like a sore thumb because he will inevitably not be part of that neighborhood or workplace and these guys will be seen before they do such insane acts. 

And if and when they slip through and commit such atrocities, then we better get even closer and help each other make it safer. Not dish out classic merchant of chaos statements that we're all unsafe.

Let's try and make our world a better place for our kids and for their kids. It starts with us and we make it safer.