Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alaska Mental Health Act or the "Siberia Bill" - any similarities to UK Mental Health Bill?

The “Siberia Bill” was the final extension of a decade-long psychiatric effort to simplify commitment procedures, the bill specifically called for the establishment of a remote Alaskan mental health facility and radically streamlined means of incarcerating inmates-hence the nickname “Siberia Bill” to remind the people of precisely what the plan comprised, i.e. an American Gulag. Eventually described by the Superior Court Judge as representing, “totalitarian government at its best” the bill proposed that “any health welfare or police officer who has reason to believe that an individual is mentally ill and therefore likely to injure himself or others if not immediately restrained” may transport that individual to a mental asylum for professional evaluation.
There, “the prisoner” could be detained five days, or if judged mentally incompetent, “for the rest of his natural life.” No statement of probably cause was required, no issue of warrant was necessary, and no hearing.
Sound similar to the Mental Health bill in UK right now?
50 years later to the day... and why is someone still trying to push through such a bill?


Anonymous said...

Don't agree with that. the UK mental health bill is all about creating safety for the public.

Anonymous said...

You seems to have a pretty warped understanding of what the Alaska Mental Health Act did.

It set aside a portion of federal lands to the state government to lease to provide funds for the construction of mental health facilities in Alaska for those who fell mentally ill in Alaska.

Prior to that, patients had to be shipped to Oregon for treatment, causing a lot of disruption in their lives and their families.

Additionally, it added more safeguards to people being committed to mental institutions. Prior to this bill, all that was needed was a jury of six people to declare someone insane, without any medical opinion.

The bill provided for better care and safeguards for people with mental health issues. Respectfully, you really need to reexamine your research before you comment.

Don Grey said...

Thanks for your comment. Please link to the references you mention here.

However the "Advance" in this field is about lobbying for more control and automatic incarceration and prescription drug money.

Sure officially the TeenScreen is a great thing and were it in the hands of competent and honest people I would probably agree that it was a good thing. The point is that it is currently a covere for finding more anti-depressant consumers.

Sure we could argue that the theory behind the DSM is a good thing, yet when "diseases" are voted in in growing numbers every time and we get things like Intermittent Explosive Disorder for have an upset see this link: http://www.naturalnews.com/019418.html

Then I know there is something terribly wrong with Alaska Mental Health Act, the UK Mental Health bill and those involved with these "Studies".

But you are right I should state my references for my decisions and will. Please do so too.

Anonymous said...

There's only one valid point in this article, and if people are too stupid to see it, I won't tell them what it is.
I don't think it's up to anyone to judge what people's posts should be about. Why not allow everyone to just say what they want (in designated threads, ofcourse)?
I blog about pretty important issues, but my blog has recently been suspended, any ideas why?
I live in a basement, with my parents. Typical stereotype - an overweight looser. Please don't remove my comments.

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