Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And now for something completely different

In a moment of total Pythonian Logic I sat down to blog today about some current event in the news. Something absolutely amazingly important. It was the type of information that would probably have changed the course of earth.

But I got sidetracked today when I saw the blog of John Wood. After seeing this article I decided would scrap all the important things on my agenda and write about a totally unimportant issue.
A fellow blogger has started an encyclopedia of Monty Python things. While I normally blog about Human Rights and the abuses of Psychiatry, the real deal with Global Warming and other issues - but now is the moment for something completely different.

Go to John's blog and then click over to the Wikipeadia!

This will be the end of any serious consideration for the wikipedia.

I am sorry I lost that absolutely important information I had to blog about today - I guess you will never find out about it then.


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