Friday, April 20, 2007

How many School shootings are Psychotropic drug users?

I promised I would look into this and I am still doing it. There is more information to be gotten and I will get it and post it here.

What I have found so far is that 8 out of the last 11 School Shootings are by kids on Psychotropic drug, i.e. antidrepressants.

But the only reason there are 3 which "aren't" is because we can't access their files.

More to come on this.

What's the one thing these killers have in common? Psychiatric drugs.


Anonymous said...

For the people who are taking these medications and are much happier and able to live without symptoms of anxiety and depression that have plagued them most of their lives, I would like to ask this question.
How many people are on these drugs and lead happy, successful lives versus untreated people that struggle with everyday life and something as important as being a productive part of their community?

Anonymous said...

If you want a list of killers on antidepressants, you should go read
It has a fairly comprehensive list


Don Grey said...

Hi Anonymous,

The users are only the victims - they have not been given a better solution. There are much better solutions out there.

The real situation are those that push these drugs as a "solution" when they are in fact only a cover up of the real problem.

A broken arm is still a broken arm even if the pain is gone.

Anonymous said...

I have worked at five of the top ten drug companies and I can tell you that this is a very real correlation. At the end of the day all a doctor does is push a pharmaceutical company generated RX diagnostic algorithm through the healthcare system. It is very, very, frightening.

dustin said...

school shootings help population control. if the kids weren't bullied in the first place they wouldn't have done it. you never hear of the popular kids shooting up schools do you. the kids took meds because there parents are shitty and because other kids made there lives shitty. then the demons got ahold of them. well its an on going battle and we'll see more of it.