Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wikileaks and Operation Payback

I've been following the Wikileaks and Operation Payback a little recently and have a couple of viewpoints to share about this.

Wikileaks, a service like that can actually be quite practical. In theory it could help put pressure on governments around the world that possibly forgot that they are there SOLELY in order to help the people (sometimes it seems they think the people are there to help them). Well such a site would help keep the moves of governments in line. Somewhat like Yelp or Qype does for restaurants and hotels. They can't mess around anymore since they know future customers will find out.

Unfortunately it seems Wikileaks is turning into another merchant of chaos system of who can create the biggest scandal. For example the last release - well how much of that actually helps anyone?

Haven't we all told a friend about how stupid the waiter was? Now show those comments to the waiter, wow did you help anyone?

Such sites should be careful and keep a real ideal, something that helps the people.

The second point is Operation Payback. Yet another Terrorist move by the Anonymous banner. That Wikileaks hasn't distanced themselves from that bunch sort of tells us where they are at.

Terror, destruction, intimidation, these are just not healthy ways to lead the world for a change. For example the French revolution, did it bring more freedom to France... well if Napoleon was freedom.

But look a Gandhi, he actually did make a change. Look at Nelson Mandela, he actually managed to get his message through.

I agree that free speech tools need to be used to make known what is happening in those "secret" places like corrupt governments. But it's got to be done right.

What this Operation Payback is going to do for Wikileaks is classify it as an extremist "conspiracy" site for the people and lose it's credibility.

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