Thursday, January 25, 2007

How to win any argument

OK I’ll be frank. I dislike psychiatry and just about anything they do. I have seen the vegetables they make and nothing much they can say or do will make up for the millions of lives they ruin.

So how to they get away with their crimes.

Not too complex.

1. If you oppose a psychiatrist or their profession they challenge you with their diplomas and tell you you haven’t studied.

2. Anyone who tries to have a success (and often does much good) get’s labelled as a fake and they get their propaganda machine (well financed by Big Pharma) to chop them up into little bits.

Grim? Yes I know but unfortunately true.

PS: And when you show them that they don’t have any results = they say can’t possibly get results as they lack the funds. Nice one eh?

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