Thursday, January 11, 2007

"a lack of respect towards professionals working in psychiatry"

I found this quote on the site of PsykiatriFonden - who is farily active these days on the PR front in Denmark. They even convinced the Crown Princess Mary to become a "protector" for their association.

The most recent campaign they are running is "anyone who promotes that they can help stress is a fake." - now hold on, that means that they can do something about it? No they even say it themselves.

Quote from PsykiatriFonden, a Politically-Neutral Advocacy Organisation for Mental Illness
The perception of psychiatry and the role of the psychiatrist Despite improvements in the scientific understanding of mental health disorders and advances in their treatment, there is still a lack of respect towards professionals working in psychiatry. Our image in the general public, as well as in our own ranks, is not as good as it should be. The general public is sceptical and the media often carries stories about patients who are overdrugged, patients who receive insufficient psychotherapy and lack of treatment coordination in severely ill patients. Consequently, young doctors are choosing other specialities. Most damaging of all are acts of violence committed by psychiatric patients (most often following noncompliance) that receive adverse publicity and thus, in the minds of the public, confirm the inability of psychiatrists to cope with mental health problems.

Come on. What story are they trying to spin, they know they have no cures they even state it openly. They don't need to work on publicity, they need to work on results.

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